Aditi Chitnis

Born in a traditional Marathi family, Aditi is the younger daughter of Sunita & Sunil Chitnis. Her elder sister Anila is happily married to Shailesh and blessed with an angel: Manasi. The fact that she spent her entire life in Mumbai explains why she considers it her native place. Aditi completed her Bachelors in Mass Media, specializing in Advertising. Her flair for writing has pushed her into being everything from a journalist to poet to blogger. She currently works as an Account Supervisor (not in the Accounts department) with Ogilvy & Mather in Goregoan.

She loves chocolates (read Ferrero Rocher) and (eating) anything that grows in the sea. She has a passion to learn, experiment & travel. In her free time she reads, paints, and, of course, chews Prasad's brains.

What he thinks

You don't come across great human beings like Aditi every other day; someone who exemplifies love, understanding & support. Her energy levels are completely disproportionate to her physique - she's "atom ant". Barring numbers, I am sure she will help add everything else in our life.

Prasad Gupte

Prasad is the elder of the two sons of Anuradha & Pravin Gupte. He has over 100 names for his brother Pratik - his favorite being Soki. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Prasad has lived most of his life in the suburb town of Goregaon where he studied at St. Thomas. He holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University, followed by a Masters in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani. Following his interest in IT, he started his career with Larsen & Toubro Infotech, and currently works as a Product Manager with Zycus at SEEPZ.

Prasad is crazy about food - variety cuisine, street food and anything that pleases his tongue. He loves collecting coins, coding in free time & listening to his eclectic playlist.

What she thinks

To me, Prasad is personification of simplicity. He tackles problems like a super-hero and provides me a blissful sense of security. The best part is he likes, loves and appreciates me as is; and that according to me is what marriage is all about!

They found love in a hopeless place!

Strange, but they connected over a matrimonial website. Their families would hate it if they called it a dating site, but neither of them were using it for that purpose. Aditi was pushed by her family & Prasad signed up to understand how it works. To quickly figure out the features, he filtered profiles that were Online. Aditi probably had nothing better to do and happened to be Online at the time. From that moment, their relationship transitioned from the website to phone within 24 hours - via Facebook, gTalk, SMS. They met in the next 72 hours - all alone - and chirped all evening. They both wanted to give time understanding each other and making sure they got what they were looking for: bheja and kaleja (brains & heart). Prasad did all his due diligence 1-1 while Aditi's side ran some spooky background checks.

For Prasad, passing on the lead to his parents was the most difficult part. If he could ever manage a matrimonial website, he would have separate logins for parents and candidates where qualified leads can be transferred to parents without the need of an awkward conversation. But scrum style, he told his parents in a 5 minute stand-up meeting on Dusserah. The only enquiries his parents made were: where she lives & what she does - then congratulated him. Aditi had shared Prasad's profile with her beloved mama, and then went on to tell her mother. A few days later, the parents met and discussed probable dates - all at jet speed. All in all, the couple escaped all the awkwardness & discomfort of an arranged marriage, and are grateful to their families for that.

As they look back now, time seems to have flown away and brought them closer to being together - forever!



First and foremost, we are indebted to God for bringing us together. We both like to thank each of our friends & family for their presence & enthusiasm as we celebrate our big day. We would like to share this moment with each one of you: come join us as we start our lives together.

Please travel safe to and from this wonderful day! Thank you for visiting this website, hope you found it useful :)

Aditi & Prasad


Praful Tarkar
For being a positive reference during a spooky background check ;)
Vishakha, Namrata
For graphics that have made our engagement & wedding cards fun!
Abhishek Sawant
For delivering mind-blowing frames through his lenses. Frames of Mind Photography is highly recommended.
Our Family
Who bought us various things as we setup a new house

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Wondering who clicked our pictures?

Abhishek Sawant | Frames of Mind Highly recommended!

Messages From Loved Ones

Dear Aditi and Prasad,
I am so happy for both of you. Hope you both have a wonderful wedding, which leaves you both tired to the bones and a honeymoon that never ends. I also wish you a lot of fights, amazing moments where you both laugh at each other, at yourself and together. I wish you a culmination of you marraige in the form of someone who is equally close to you both, and unlimited satisfaction in seeing him / her grow up. I also wish you a home full of people who are there to support and advice if need be.
You both might think it mighty cheeky of me not to wish you a lifetime of love, but believe me, if you have all the above, you have already got it!!

Sorry, but I will not be in town on the 23rd. Still keep fighting, it makes the love grow.....

From experience,

Gauri K

Lovely Couple so does the "Wedsite",Hopefully we will soon see "Fambook".. :-)

Samir M

Congrats Prasad..

Anand N

Heartiest Congratulations to Prasad & Aditi !!
Loved the website...God bless you both :)

Narendra W

Dear Aditi & Prasad,
You don't know me cos I work with Prasad's mom and we haven't met. But when Prasad's mother mentioned about the site, all of us checked it out and were pretty impressed. The pre-wedding pics are a hit. You are a gorgeous couple. And to come up with such enthusiastically fantastic idea about a 'wedsite' is commendable.
Wishing you both a continued joy in each other and decades of togetherness. All the best.


I have heard that Love is one long sweet dream, and marriage is the alarm clock... I just wish that u just wakes up to live your sweet dream with more happiness and togetherness...
Eagerly awaiting the day when this alarm rings in your life... Congratulation once again!!!!!

Praveen N

All this is beautiful Prasad - you together as a couple, your story, the wedsite and the fact that you invited me... Congratulations brother... may God bestow upon you guys the choicest of his blessings :)

Shailendra R

The invite is amazing...especially the funky one.... Wish you both lots of love and happiness here after... God bless you..

Deepali S

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Aditiiieeeee..... dost.... a word that i picked up from her... what a fun loving character... it was always fun when aditi was around.... Prasad you are lucky to have aditi around you throughout your life... Cheers and Happy Wedding.... :) :)

Rishabh J

Congratulations Prasad !!!!!!!!! As usual very nice and a different way to welcome an important event in life !!!!!!!!! Congratulations once again !!!!!!!!! God bless you both !

Sandeep J

A hearty congratulations to you and aditi and thanks 4 ur lovely invite. Would love to come. God Bless u both :)

Apurva S